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08 August 2017 15:19

Recent research by SLRC called on development agencies to 'build the capacity of the aid industry to develop capacity.' But how can agencies do this in practice? In this post, Rob Ricigliano suggests three actions that development agencies can take to address this question. 

25 July 2017 12:14

SLRC worked to mainstream gender throughout the first phase of its research. In this post, Dyan Mazurana reflects on what went well, what didn't, and what the Consortium has learned from the experience.

22 June 2017 15:55

View images from SLRC's first phase of research on Flickr

22 June 2017 15:54

Read Rachel Slater, Paul Harvey and Richard Mallett's reflections on SLRC's research on the Overseas Development Institute's comment site

Welcome to SLRC's blog.

This blog will feature reflections from our team of researchers on the practicalities of actually conducting research in conflict-affected situations. We will also be posting guest blogs written by key researchers and practioners working on livelihoods, basic services and social protection in conflict-affected situations.