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30 September 2013
In a recent article published by IRIN, Gloria Nguya reflects on the type of presence the state can have in Dungu, DRC, where many people remain internally displaced and have little prospects of securing their livelihoods.
26 September 2013
In her latest book, Dorothea Hilhorst provides a qualitative inquiry into the social and political dynamics of local institutional response, international policy and aid interventions in crises caused by conflict or natural disaster.
26 September 2013
Rachel Slater and Richard Mallett from SLRC have just published an article in Stability: International Journal of Security & Development looking at the transformative potential of social funds in conflict affected situations.
07 February 2013
A roundtable discussion of the practical implications of the African Power and Politics research
17 December 2012
Livelihoods, services and conflict: what does the evidence tell us?
31 October 2012
This month, the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC) explores the evidence on social protection and basic services in conflict-affected situations, drawing on research carried out during the Consortium’s inception year.
28 August 2012
The Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium is pleased to announce the publication of its new Working Papers.