Coercion and control: how information and individuality intersect for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Mareike Schomerus and Charles Taban

Type: Working Paper

Full summary

Information is a powerful tool, and having access to information can be a lifeline. Being able to gather information is crucial for decision-making, shaping how people experience the world around them, how they move in it and how they engage. And yet, the exact ways in which information is accessed and the role it plays in influencing decisions are surprisingly under-studied – even more so with people who have been displaced.


This research set out to understand whether there is a connection between how South Sudanese refugees in Ugandan refugee camps access information and how they weigh their options during displacement. This paper tries to move away from seeking to identify a moment of decision-making that is often expected by agencies (‘what piece of information will motivate refugees to return?’) to a more holistic perspective of how people connect with information and use it to make decisions.