From post-conflict recovery and state building to a renewed humanitarian emergency: A brief reflection on South Sudan

Daniel Maxwell, Martina Santschi

Type: Daniel Maxwell, Martina Santschi, Research Reports, South Sudan

Organisation: Feinstein International Center

Country: South Sudan

Date: 13/08/2014

Full summary

Since December 2013  only two and a half years after becoming an independent country South Sudan has been mired in a deep political, military, and humanitarian crisis. This paper is a brief reflection on the current situation in South Sudan, based on meetings with the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, donors, humanitarian agencies, and members of South Sudanese civil society during a two-week mission by SLRC  members in mid- to late June. It outlines a few observations on the current situation; the breakdown of post-conflict mechanisms that were being put in place prior to the outbreak of the current violence in December; the peace process as it currently stands; and the humanitarian response.