Journal: informal taxation in ungoverned spaces

Richard Mallett

Type: Journal

Country: Global

Date: 14/07/2016

Full summary

Consideration of  taxation policies and practices in locations often identified as “un-governed spaces” leads to an important conclusion: classically “ungoverned spaces” frequently contain forms of taxation—of varying degrees of formality—outside the official state apparatus. This article uses examples of informal taxation and tax-like practices, particularly in the case of Nepal, to critically evaluate the definition and framing of “ungoverned spaces” in the modern age. It argues that although empirical evidence of non-government taxation practices remains limited, the fact that they occur at all raises implications for conventional understandings of political order and state building.

Citation: Mallett, R. (2016). ‘Informal Taxation in Ungoverned Spaces.’ SAIS Review of International Affairs 36(1), 39-46. The Johns Hopkins University Press.

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