Surveying livelihoods, service delivery and governance: baseline evidence from Uganda

Dyan Mazurana, Anastasia Marshak, Jimmy Hilton Opio, Rachel Gordon and Teddy Atim

Type: Uganda, Working Paper

Date: 15/05/2014

Full summary

In 2012/13, SLRC implemented the first round of an original sub-regional panel survey in Uganda aimed to produce data on livelihoods, access to and experience of basic services, exposure to shocks and coping strategies, and people’s perceptions of governance.


This working paper explores the following questions:


  1. Which factors influence households’ livelihoods status
  2. Which factors that influence people’s access to and satisfaction with basic services, social protection, and livelihood assistance
  3. Which factors influence perceptions of local and central government?
  4. What role do serious crimes play in people’s livelihoods, access to services and perceptions of governance?