Teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone: priorities for a future research agenda

Clare Castillejo

Type: Briefing Paper, Sierra Leone

Organisation: SLRC

Country: Sierra Leone

Date: 25/07/2018

Full summary

This briefing paper summarises the state of current knowledge and programming on teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone and identifies some key gaps. It goes on to propose a future research agenda on this issue that could be undertaken by SLRC and supported by Irish Aid under its new five-year strategy for Sierra Leone. The paper is based on findings from research conducted in Sierra Leone in April 2018, as well as previous SLRC research and the wider international evidence base.


Key messages:


  1. There is an emerging knowledge base on teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone, which identifies key drivers and consequences, but largely fails to address how vulnerabilities are shaped by the wider context.
  2. Programming on teenage pregnancy suffers from fragmentation, an overly narrow focus on girls and weak problem definition, and would benefit from a stronger understanding of how change happens.
  3. Future SLRC research could accompany local stakeholders in developing and testing new theories of change, trialing and learning from new approaches, and developing a common vision for a more holistic and strategic response.


This briefing was made possible by funding provided by Irish Aid.