Migration is one of the most effective ways of reducing global poverty. However, there are systemic features undermining its potential. This event, organised by the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC) and Migrating out of Poverty Consortium, explored the risks and vulnerabilities that migrants face throughout the migration cycle – from pre-departure to the transit phase to employment in the new workplace – with a specific focus on Nepalese migration.

Alan Winters – CEO of the Migrating out of Poverty Research Consortium and Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex
Jessica Hagen-Zanker – Research Fellow, ODI Social Protection Programme
Anita Ghimire – visiting faculty at Kathmandu University, Nepal, and SLRC Research Consultant
Jagannath Adhikari – Migrating out of Poverty Research Consultant
Priya Deshingkar – Research Director of the Migrating out of Poverty Research Consortium
Fiona Samuels – Research Fellow, ODI Social Development Programme
Carlos Vargas-Silva – Economist and Senior Researcher at Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and Senior Researcher at Migration Observatory