Afghanistan Research and
Evaluation Unit (AREU)

AREU, PO Box 3169,
Shahr-i-Naw Post Office,
Ministry of Interior Road, Shahr-i-Naw,
Kabul, Afghanistan

The Afghanistan research programme


Attempts to engineer a social transformation and shift Afghanistan from its existing social order to one more reflective of Western norms have largely failed to take root and, if anything, have helped consolidate a rule of patronage and personalised relationships.


The Afghanistan research programme seeks to generate usable evidence on livelihoods, service delivery and social protection that will help inform better modes of international engagement in Afghanistan.

This research programme will be guided by three research themes:

  1. Context analysis and responding to village preconditions in service delivery
  2. Service delivery and capacity building of regional social orders
  3. Economic life and livelihood trajectories

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